Our Story

The idea of our Italian culinary passion was born from the desire to share the experiences that was fostered from our Mother’s and Grandmother’s kitchens. In 2016, the dream, the desire and the passion for cooking from both of them transformed into "MAMMA ITALY.”  We strive to bring Italian Culinary art of an Authentic and Italian Gourmet Kitchen in the United States, this fantastic country that we have come to love and now call home. 


"Italian Street Food on Wheels," our concept is to bring the taste and the aroma of Italian home cooking to the streets and beyond.  We supply catering for private events mainly within the Wine and Beer industries.  Who better than Mamma Italy to prepare delicious and succulent dish to warm the heart?


Our menu is bound to the gastronomic culture of southern Italy and our specials are selected from culinary specialties from all over Italy.  What better way to bring our taste of Italy than to import our ingredients from Italy. We strictly use fresh cheeses like the Fiordilatte and La Provola from the Lattari Mountains "Agerola Amalfi Coast", flour from the best Molini Italians "Padova Veneto" and the absolute best quality of tomatoes in the world, San Marzano "Campania". We are delighted to be able to cook our dishes, thanks to our friend and Supplier Giuseppe Ariola of the same company Ariola imports that provides us with the best selected Italian products.


We are waiting for you around the streets in the private parks, wherever Mamma Italy is invited.  Make a reservation to book your event today!


See you soon, Ciao!

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